Welcome to the Church of Sweden in Borås


Church of Sweden in Borås is an Evangelic-Lutheran and democratic church that is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, living in Borås and those that by different reasons are visiting Borås.


It is a place for worship, dialogue and activities for all ages. In the area of Church of Sweden in Borås there are living approximately 67 000 people and 43 000 of them are members of Church of Sweden in Borås. Church of Sweden in Borås consists of two parishes, Caroli and Gustav Adolf/ Brämhult, which constitutes a parish union, Church of Sweden in Borås.

Presence in the past and future
In the city centre of Borås there are two major church buildings that are historical parts of the architecture of the city. Caroli church is the oldest building in Borås, with a history that dates back to the 13th century. Gustav Adolf church, neighbouring the city library and the city culture centre, dates back from the year of 1906.

A very popular church for weddings is Brämhult church and the place for the church has a history that probably dates back to the 13th century. The present church in Brämhult was built in the late 15th century. 

Church of Sweden in Borås also has activities and buildings in other parts of the town. Regardless of in which part of the city you are living or visiting you can always find a local church close, that wants to welcome you, in Sjöbo, Byttorp, Dammsvedjan, Norrmalm, Hässleholmen, Brämhult and of course also in Gustav Adolf and Caroli church.

Patterns of pastoral and diaconal work
The Church of Sweden in Borås involves a broad section of the population in its pastoral and diaconal work, such as:
- Different services- on Sundays and during the week
- Youth work
- Adult work and discussion groups
- Bible study groups and service groups
- Child activities
- Diaconal work
- Refugee support
- International work 

Church of Sweden also has responsibility for the five cemeteries in Borås: S:t Sigfrids, S:ta Birgittas, S:t Ansgars, Brämhults and Caroli cemetery. To walk in the surroundings that the cemeteries in Borås can offer is often regarded as a walk of contemplation and peace and you are most welcome to visit the cemeteries and experience the peace and quietness of your own.   

Information and contact
If you want more information or get in contact with a priest or deacon please call the switch board 033-17 94 00.

If you want more information of Church of Sweden you can visit the web site on the national level: Welcome to the Church of Sweden

On national level you can also get information in Suomeksi, Sapmi, Deutsch and Español.


You are most welcome to us with your belief, questions and for worship. God bless you.

Anders Ljungström                                     Kristian Yngvesson
Vicar, the parish of Gustav Adolf/Brämhult       Vicar, the parish of Caroli